Landscapes and Scenery - Ron Mani
Last survivor

Welcome to RManiPhotography. I am a Vancouver Island based photographer specializing in travel, wildlife and outdoor subjects. My father kick started my interest when he gave me my first camera, a 1950's era "Ansco" for a family trip to mexico in the early 1970's. From that point on I had a camera with me wherever I went. Looking at life through a photographers eye lets me slow down and pick up details we so often miss in these hurried times.. I hope you enjoy looking through my galleries and feel free to purchase a picture. Other pictures are available to view on my facebook page or you can Email me with picture questions like odd sizes, digital downloads etc by clicking the links below.

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Daytime in the Night

An interesting shot.... if you notice, you can see stars and a meteor trail in the sky. What looks like daylight is actually a time exposure of a full moonlit night. the orange is from a fire near the campsite. Because of the very bright full moon reflecting the sunlight the scene retained its proper white balance instead of the characteristic blue tint that night shots normally have.

nightstarstime exposure